Friday, April 6, 2007

April's writing and visual storytelling challenge

Let's take a page from Susan Orlean (see post below), who says: "I'm primarily interested in the tiny master -- a person with a tiny domain over which they are the master. I wrote a piece about a New York City cabdriver who is also the king of the Ashanti tribe in America."

April's writing and/or visual storytelling challenge, then, is to find a person who's in control or in charge of a small piece of the world, and capture that person and their world. Writers, your challenge is to do it in 500 words or less. And maybe we can do visual storytelling in both stills and video for this challenge.

Some brainstorming to get you thinking:

  • grill cook (master of the grill he cooks on)
  • machinist (master over the machine he's operating)
  • artist/painter (master over the canvas)
  • mom or dad (master of a specific task in the household)
  • dj (master over dance or the music scene at a venue)
  • kids (master of their bedroom, for example)
  • office manager (master of the office)
  • groundskeeper (master of buildings/grounds)
  • receptionist (master of the reception area)
  • crossing guard (master of the intersection)

If you're into it, see your editor and/or Scott.