Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultralocal storytelling

We talk a lot about storytelling in "big" ways - awesome series and projects like Frank's story, below; packages like our fatal house-fire follow, etc.

But I think storytelling can be great in the small things, too. Of course, this is most close to my heart because of the Weekly Record, Your News and other sections that don't exactly tell the "big" stories.

That said, I'll call your attention first to a neat article on why caring about ultralocal news might make you a better journalist and us a better paper!

Then, I'd ask you to read this story about 91-year-old "Dutch" Besecker. Is it a 1A investigative piece that will win awards and garner community fame or infamy? Hardly. In fact, its only news peg was that "Dutch" sent me a photo of himself in his old car, and I got curious about the kinds of things he must remember.

But big or small, his memories are a slice a life that tells a story about a person, a place and a time, and I think it's really enjoyable!