Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cool, unorthodox, crazy and frustrating all at once

Conflict-resolution video narrative? Almost ...

Watch as an adrenaline-fueled tornado chaser drives toward a big tornado. I start thinking:

When is he going to stop?

When is he going to stop?

Is he ever going to stop?

Finally, late in the video, comes his moment of realization.*

The video is not set up to be a narrative, and it's a compelling video, but it left me wondering -- wouldn't a little bit of text storytelling have helped here? What was the building? Was there anyone in it? Anyone hurt? Did anything happen to the chaser or his vehicle? Did the tornado go on to level the town or just peter out?

Maybe I'm asking for too much. But seems to me they had a short narrative opportunity here and missed it.

*This comes a few seconds after, at the 44-second mark, the amazingly timely and helpful electronic advice he receives from whatever Onstar-type device he has in the vehicle. Listen closely. It's great.