Friday, March 26, 2010

Mark your calender

Two of my favorite sources of in-depth journalism Frontline and NPR's Planet Money are teaming up to do a documentary on how Haiti's economy has functioned since an earthquake destroyed much of the nation's infrastructure. It airs March 30.

Planet Money, which does two podcasts a week, has done been covering Haiti pretty intensely since the quake. They've done a great job explaining why a number of "solutions" to Haiti's problems before the quake didn't work, and what life's like there now.

After watching the five-minute preview, I expect more of the same.

If you're not familiar with Planet Money, they do an amazing job of explaining complex economic ideas in simple English. NYU's journalism institute included their "Giant Pool of Money" collaboration with This American Life on its list of 80 best works of journalism of the last decade. Done in May 2008, it explained why the housing market was falling apart while Lehman was still a bank.