Saturday, April 14, 2012

What I learned: Leigh Zaleski on finding connections

Latest post in an effort to collect and share some wisdom from staffers whose work was recently honored in the Keystone Awards. Features reporter Leigh Zaleski won first place in the feature beat reporting category. Her beat entry: Food. From Leigh:
People have various connections to food. Other than sustenance, it might be their passion, livelihood, heritage, joy or enemy. On this beat, I sought to draw such connections, looking deep to find meaning and understand what role food played in each story. I learned that while details in stories are different, people share similar relationships to food. Being aware of and striving to portray those relationships helped me to become a better storyteller.
 I love the thought process that began with "other than sustenance..." and allowed Leigh to think about -- and then find stories about -- how food means different things to different people. Who else has a beat or a topic they cover that offers such opportunities for connections?