Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quite a find

In hunting for Jon Franklin's highly-regarded narrative about a day in the life of a dogcatcher, I came upon this story by Franklin -- one I'd never read and never heard of, even though he lectures widely and a lot of his work finds its way into writing seminars, etc.

It transfixed me; I could not stop reading it. It's creepy, poignant, disturbing and uplifting all at once.

Note how he starts immediately in a scene.

Note how he introduces a nearly intangible concept in the second graf.

Note that before you have time to dwell on that nearly intangible concept and get mad that he doesn't explain what it is, you're back in the scene. If you're like me, you're invested in the story once he starts describing the students.

Note how when the main character speaks, you might say, 'what the...?' ... but note how his response comes back at the end with a new meaning.

Note how the intangible slowly becomes tangible.

Ah, heck, we could do a whole brown-bagger on this story. Just read it. And let me know what you think.