Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We've been talking about conflict/resolution storytelling in part as a way for us to do, refine and try to perfect this kind of narrative storytelling, and to make us stronger reporters, writers, editors, photographers, designers.

It's also a way to encourage people to think of stories in new or different ways, and to try those things out in print. One thing I hope everyone takes from our storytelling focus is: Don't stop here. Keep developing your skills by trying and, hopefully, mastering different aspects of your job, be it writing, editing, shooting, whatever.

Here's how Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown put it:

"Sticking with what you know is one thing, but don't stick with it the rest of your life. Go to something else. And then add that to your repertoire. That's how you develop style."

Brown, known as a blues singer/guitarist, said he played "world and American music, Texas-style." Here's a video of him with another instrument he mastered.