Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Newsrooms of the future

I didn't see any flying cars, but these newsrooms are pretty cool.

The physical location of where I am writing makes a big impact on the final product. For example, when I move desks it takes me a good month or so before writing becomes natural again. Surroundings matter.

When you take a tour of these places it makes me think about function, and how the writing and reporting changes depending on the feel of the space.

In the Talking Points Memo newsroom, reporters are in two rows facing each other (a la high school lunchroom). It makes me think they talk to each other often, tossing around ideas and breaking news. Looks cozy.

In the Daily Telegraph newsroom, I think the most telling item was the large conference room situated in the middle of the room -- no walls around it. This seems to be the kind of place where all are welcome to listen in on big decisions of the day.

The Spokesman-Review takes transparency to a whole new level. The newsroom meetings are open to the public and videos of it are posted online.

(Update: Ironically, I originally put three broken links in this post. They are fixed now.)