Saturday, October 31, 2009

Five-graf narrative

Janeen pointed out this little gem to a couple of us on Friday night. It's Mike Argento's five-paragraph brief on the sneaker theft in York the other day. If you have the material, this brief proves, narrative can show up anywhere in the paper.

In its entirety:

Nate Eric Monry was walking in the first block of South West Street in York at 5:40 a.m. Thursday when three men stopped him.

York City Police said one of the men asked to see his sneakers. Monry, of York, complied, police said, holding out a foot so the man could get a better look at his Nike.

Monry told police the man then grabbed him and pushed him against a wall while one of the other men took his sneakers off his feet.

Monry fled, sneakerless, police said. He was not injured.

The suspects are believed to have small feet. The sneakers were described as size nines.