Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reading list for Monday's videoconference

Hey all, here is info on Jacqui's session Monday, including stories she'd like us to read.

Monday, 4:30 p.m., big conference room

TOPIC: Profiles

  • definition of profile (character rather than resume)
  • core elements of good profiles
  • some types of approaches to profiles
  • some reporting/interviewing techniques especially useful in profile reporting
  • doing these types of stories on people on the 'fringe.'
  • also: come ready to ask questions/participate. Jacqui has an exercise she wants us to do; no advance work required, she says, but will require us talking to each other, etc.

READING LIST: Jacqui's reading list for this session. Read these before the session if you can because she will be using them as examples:

Terri Schiavo:

For the other links (which for some reason I could not post here), go to this wave:!w%252B2hhd9i8VA

If you're not on Wave yet, please ask someone who is to print out the stories.

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