Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You know you're an editor when...

Lets have some fun here folks. Join in.

You know you're an editor when:

-- You edit the handouts your child's teacher sends home from school.

-- You follow AP style no matter what you're writing.

Can we come up with ones for reporter?


  1. You argue (good-naturedly) with your 18-year-old about why active voice is better than passive.

  2. You know you're a reporter when:

    *You take your notebook with you on vacation -- and use it to jot down interesting stuff (just in case)

    *Ditto above for camera

    *You see a guy with an interesting T-shirt in line at a street fair and start asking him about it

    *You rip pages out of other newspapers and magazines and put them in a folder called "ideas to steal)